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Eco-friendly Couple. Airstreamin' Across America.

Month / November 2014


Last Weekend

Here are a few numbers about last weekend…

  • 170 youth attending YOUTH CAN! (1 day climate justice event)
  • 31 friends came to our going away party
  • 23 letters were made for us to read on the road
  • 17 days until we leave on our adventure
  • 2 tarps got put on the Airstream in preparation for the snow
  • 1 new pair of shoes for each of us

We had a pretty busy weekend. When you sit back and ‘look at the numbers,’ it also looks like it was quite productive. There were three main events that took place: YOUTH CAN!, our going away party, and a trip to Travis’ parent’s house to button up the airstream for the snow.
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Ely in Review

Last weekend Travis and I were on separate work trips. He went to San Francisco for WordCamp with his business partners and I went to Ely for a staff/board retreat with the Will Steger Foundation. We both had a fantastic time, but it was hard to be apart for 5 days, mostly because we spend so much time together (that Airstream is tiny!). :)

I’ve never been on a ‘work trip’ before this weekend. I have gone to conferences by myself, but I have never been with my work crew for a weekend somewhere. And I don’t want this trip to be the last. It was so refreshing to be with a group of intelligent, like-minded people that are so passionate for their work. We spent the weekend talking about the foundation and the direction it is going. I hung on each word from my coworkers and the board members. I tried to take the opportunity to get to know everyone better, and for my introverted self, I did an okay job. Here are my top five highlights from the weekend (in no particular order):
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