Obviously I’m a little behind on the blogging. Sorry! We have been out of our Airstream for over two weeks and it makes for an even crazier life than we are used to. I am hoping to get caught up next week while we are vacationing in Big Sky, MT.

On Wednesday, February 11th we flew to Maui. The flight was pretty turbulent, enough for me to have to put my phone down at one point, grip the arm rest, and chant to myself ‘Please be over soon, please be over soon.’ Six hours later we were on the ground, enjoying the sun and palm trees. We rented a car to be able to explore the island a bit. Here’s a hint to those renting a car while traveling with their significant other: ask if they have any deals for honeymooners. We saved $100! What they don’t know, can’t hurt them.

We had the privilege of staying with our friend Jeff while we visited Maui. His place felt so much like ‘home.’ Our own bedroom and patio furniture that looked out over the ocean. It wan’t so bad to sleep in a ‘real’ bed and have dual sinks in the bathroom. In fact, we felt downright spoiled. We spent most of our time exploring the island or working, except for Friday and Saturday when we hung out at WordCamp Maui. The conference was actually kind of fun. And that is coming from someone who knows next to nothing about WordPress. However, writing a blog has made me a little more knowledgable.

One of our favorite parts of the whole trip was driving around the northern part of west Maui after work on Thursday. We heard that the homemade banana bread on that side of the island was amazing and there was always the off chance that we could see a whale from shore. The road was really curvy with crazy cliffs. Several sections were even one-way with no advanced notice. I hope to have our GoPro footage posted soon. We stopped quickly at a few spots on the way out, but we really just wanted to get out there to get our snacks. We found Lorraine’s Shave Ice and were so impressed. We planned on grabbing a loaf of bread and eating it on the way home. We ended up getting two loaves and a ‘Lorraine’s special’ shave ice, and sat in her backyard for a half hour watching the waves and chatting with this wonderful woman. She grew up in this house and has been making banana bread for years. She showed us her room of pictures that she receives from her customers and family. It was amazing. This woman, who lives on a remote part of Maui, has touched so many lives. We were so moved. We finished the shave ice (which was amazing, as was the banana bread) said our goodbyes, and started our drive back to Lahaina.

We stopped to do a hike down to the Nakalele Blowhole. The waves were coming in strong so the water was getting shot out of the blowhole every few seconds. We got pretty close, but not as close as this crazy couple that was hit with a huge wave from the ocean. They were drenched! Ha! We could have sat there and watched the ocean and the waves for hours. The islands of Hawaii really have a majesty to them. There is some kind of pull that you can’t experience anywhere else. I feel it every time we land. It’s amazing.

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