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Eco-friendly Couple. Airstreamin' Across America.

Month / March 2015


Sin City and D-Town

2/26-3/5 We drove to Vegas. We packed the truck with food, ski gear, and clothes for two weeks. After Vegas we collected a friend, drove to Colorado for a few days, and then continued on to Montana for a 10 day ski trip. It was a crazy couple of weeks, but we made it and […]


SoCal Part I

2/18-2/25 We could not have been more excited to get home from Maui! But only because we got to pick up Porter right away. We missed that dog so much. Little did we know that we would spend the next week re-training him. He regressed so much in just one week. The good news was […]


Maui Eats

Even though it wasn’t a real vacation for us (we still had to work), we made sure to eat out a lot. That has been our favorite part of traveling so much, eating out. And Maui did not disappoint in the food department, that’s for darn sure. Here is our top five list of amazing eats […]