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Last Weekend

Here are a few numbers about last weekend…

  • 170 youth attending YOUTH CAN! (1 day climate justice event)
  • 31 friends came to our going away party
  • 23 letters were made for us to read on the road
  • 17 days until we leave on our adventure
  • 2 tarps got put on the Airstream in preparation for the snow
  • 1 new pair of shoes for each of us

We had a pretty busy weekend. When you sit back and ‘look at the numbers,’ it also looks like it was quite productive. There were three main events that took place: YOUTH CAN!, our going away party, and a trip to Travis’ parent’s house to button up the airstream for the snow.
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Ely in Review

Last weekend Travis and I were on separate work trips. He went to San Francisco for WordCamp with his business partners and I went to Ely for a staff/board retreat with the Will Steger Foundation. We both had a fantastic time, but it was hard to be apart for 5 days, mostly because we spend so much time together (that Airstream is tiny!). :)

I’ve never been on a ‘work trip’ before this weekend. I have gone to conferences by myself, but I have never been with my work crew for a weekend somewhere. And I don’t want this trip to be the last. It was so refreshing to be with a group of intelligent, like-minded people that are so passionate for their work. We spent the weekend talking about the foundation and the direction it is going. I hung on each word from my coworkers and the board members. I tried to take the opportunity to get to know everyone better, and for my introverted self, I did an okay job. Here are my top five highlights from the weekend (in no particular order):
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We need your help

We are 34 days from leaving on our Eco Travel Adventure. That’s 816 hours. 48,960 minutes. Wow! We have been saying we don’t leave until the end of November, but that is right around the corner. We are using Road Trippers to plan our trip and to leave comments and reviews for places we visit. […]

Accessibility of technology

I had my first substitute teaching job today. I watched over a group of juniors and seniors in an Economics class. I wouldn’t really call it work because they were working on a project and I just made sure they were quiet and not burning down the school. They were all working on either an iPhone, an iPad, or a laptop. I graduated from this school over eleven years ago (Wow!) and things are so different. Not only did we have none of those gadgets, I didn’t even have my own cell phone. I borrowed my mom’s ‘brick’ when I went out, and could only play Snake when I got bored. It got me thinking: as technology becomes cheaper, more people are able to afford it. As iPhones become cheaper and TVs because more affordable, people have more of them, and more people want them because they become a new fad. I know this is not profound, but it got my wheels turning as it relates to renewable energy.

As wind, solar, and geothermal become cheaper, more people are going to be able to afford them as viable options for their personal and business energy use. And as more people use them for energy, they become somewhat of a fad, something that is popular to the masses. This brings in more users that either want to experience this ‘new fad’ or really feel that it is a better option for themselves, which it obviously is. :) Either way, it has to work! It works for electronics, why can’t it work for energy?!?

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Minus one Airstream…

We have been minus one Airstream for two weeks now. It’s been another crazy adjustment to our already crazy life. We noticed a few things that needed to be fixed/altered before we hit the road. While she has been in the shop we have been staying with our wonderful friends in Minneapolis. Their house has […]

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