We drove to Vegas. We packed the truck with food, ski gear, and clothes for two weeks. After Vegas we collected a friend, drove to Colorado for a few days, and then continued on to Montana for a 10 day ski trip. It was a crazy couple of weeks, but we made it and had a pretty great time in the mountains and snow. I guess you could call this our winter. And that’s all I really want from winter, two weeks. :)

The reason for our road trip to Vegas was a conference that Travis’ company, Westwerk was sponsoring. Prestige is a business-focused WordPress Conference with great speakers and even better swag. Thanks for the t-shirts and blanket. We love them! The WordPress industry is an anomaly out there. They are a really tight knit group of people that is willing to help out and lend a hand whenever necessary. You really don’t see that in any other industry. As an outsider, I really don’t understand too much of what they are discussing. However, I am running this blog all by myself. I can add cuts and pictures without Trav’s help. Woot! Anyway, it is amazing to get to see this crazy good of people every few months at various conferences. We are like one big, happy, technically-minded, nerdy family.

While we were in Vegas we stayed at the Riviera Resort and Casino. Don’t stay there. Oh wait, you can’t. They are closing it down in May and blowing it up! It’s one of the oldest hotels on the strip and has become a bit of a crap hole. The service was pretty terrible and the room was kinda icky. It was really just a place to sleep as we were out with friends and exploring the town most of the time.

Friday we got to explore The Strip for a few hours. We had brunch at a little French cafe under the Eiffel Tower. Porter especially loved the eggs. :) This was our first trip to Vegas so everything was new. The experience was interesting to say the least. The sheer volume of people was overwhelming to a group of introverts. But I’m glad we got to explore a bit. The most exciting part of the day was actually going back to our friend’s hotel (The Mandarin Oriental), sitting pool side, doing homework. It was so peaceful. In the midst of the Strip, it was a welcome afternoon. I guess I’m not a Vegas girl.

On Saturday, I dropped the guys off at the conference and met up with a friend to get a pedicure and have lunch. We decided to go to the Bellagio. I knew it would be expensive, but we were not disapIMG_0947pointed. We did lunch at the hotel as well. It was delicious and my pedicure was divine. The spa was beautiful! I even got a cup of tea during the massage. Pure bliss! After the appointment, I met up with another friend, from high school! We talked about old friends, high school, and what we are doing now. It was really fun! The rest of the evening was spent at the conference after party (giant beanbags, bear pong, and yummy appetizers) and then off to dinner with the folks from WPEngine. They sure do get a lot of air time on this blog. Haha! They really are a great company with amazing people.

Sunday morning we grabbed coffee from Starbucks, picked up our friend Jeff, and hit the road for Denver. The drive was fairly uneventful, until we got about an hour from Denver. Then it started to snow, the freeway went from three lanes to two (just because we couldn’t see the lines), and we were all hungry and crabby from being in the car all day. A quick stop at Old Chicago (or as my mother-in-law calls it, Chicago Pizza) and we were ready to make the rest of the trip to Westminster. Our Residence Inn was a welcome site after a day in the truck. The silver lining was that Porter took his first steps in the snow and he really liked it, for about 5 minutes, then he wants to be picked up. And because Porter was in the truck all day, he was a little terror that night. Running around like crazy and keeping his humans up way too late.

I have been working a lot on a new project for the Will Steger Foundation (my place of employment, if you didn’t know). We are creating a new curriculum using the Next Generation Science Standards as the framework. You don’t have to know what that means, just know that it’s really exciting for me. You can read about it soon, on a blog post I am putting together for work. But here is the link to the most current Climate Lessons Update that I did for work last month. Lots of stuff happening in the climate change world. And there are lots of great resources for homeschoolers.

IMG_1033Denver was really great. It was really our first trip there, except for a few trips through the airport. It was a little chilly, so our winter jackets had to come out for the first time. Porter got to wear his jackets too. If you thought he was cute before, take a look at him with a sweater on. Oh my! The best part about Denver was being able to grab lunch with my cousin. We went to Watercourse foods twice while we were there. The first time was so good that we had to goIMG_1027 back to try more. It’s an odd concept for a vegetarian to be able to chose anything from the menu. The menu was totally vegan and the food was delicious. Even better than the veggie burgers and vegan mac and cheese were the vegan milkshakes. Because we went there for two meals we got to try all of the flavors between the three of us: banana, chocolate, and chai.

After leaving Denver we spent a night in Billings (the trip all the way to Big Sky in one day would have been really long), and then left for Bozeman and Big Sky the next morning. Stay turned for another post of our crazy road trip. We spent 10 days in Big Sky, skiing and relaxing.