We could not have been more excited to get home from Maui! But only because we got to pick up Porter right away. We missed that dog so much. Little did we know that we would spend the next week re-training him. He regressed so much in just one week. The good news was that we had the pleasure of staying at a friend’s house for the next week. It was so great to spread out a bit and have a house to live in for awhile. Although it did make watching Porter a bit more difficult. In the Airstream it’s so easy to keep an eye on him.

We relaxed a lot this week. But we also worked long days. Between the launch of the new Press75 site for Travis and beginning to write chapter one of my capstone project, life was still crazy. But we made the most of it. We cooked some delicious meals at the house and were even treated to a couple of meals with our wonderful hosts, Marc and Dana.

We were lucky enough to be a part of a wonderful article written by, Wand’rly Magazine about living eco-friendly on the road. They interviewed us about our recycling practices, why we thought a vintage Airstream was the way to go, and what we do to stay ‘green’ on the road. It’s a really great article. Nathan is a fantastic writer and this family posts great pictures on their Instagram.

We ventured out to Rodondo Beach for an afternoon over the weekend. We got tacos from a local stand and walked the beach with the dog. Or rather the sidewalk next to the beach, as dogs aren’t allowed on the beaches. It was crazy windy, but so nice to be near the ocean. The whole area south of LA is really great. Sure there is still traffic, and a ton of people, but the area is nice and it’s so close to the beach. It might not be my favorite place yet, but I think I can put it on the list of potential places to live. Plus it never really gets too cold, chilly, but not cold.

On Monday night we took Porter to Puppy Orientation Class. It was a one hour seminar to ask questions and get as much information out of the trainer as possible. We have decided to try crate training him and we will not yell at him. He’s a puppy and he needs to be kept busy. If he’s bored, he will be naughty. We might take a couple of private sessions with Porter, since we can’t enroll in their 6-week class.

We set up a date through Instagram with the Malimish family on Tuesday evening. Dan and Marlene full time in an Airstream with 3 beautiful kids. Their kids have been traveling for so long, it’s all they know. What an amazing childhood! We hung out at Rocket ship park (a neat park with a great view but the story from Marlene and the kids is to NOT go up the rocket ship slide…it’s a little scary) for awhile talking about Airstreams, campgrounds, and travel. For dinner we headed to Stacked for order-at-your-table burgers. The night was wonderful. It’s amazing how solid the bond can be with people you have only met once and know only through social media.

It’s been two weeks already that we have not been living in the Airstream. It’s nice to have a little extra space, but we really miss our little home. We were cleaning and repacking it this week and realized how much we missed it. Soon, tiny Airstream, we will be back soon. But first, a road trip! See you in Colorado!