Our second week in California was much more boring than the first. Travis worked from the Airstream and I worked from the side of the pool. The wifi was ok for me, but not good enough for Trav. We went swimming several times after work this week too. We had some great conversations with people that were staying at the park. There were many couples wintering from British Columbia and Ontario. We met a couple our age that was from Georgia, Dan and Jenna (check out their Instagram). They have been traveling for five months with their dog, Baxter. We hung out two nights just talking about our travels and what we like and don’t like about traveling. We found out we have a lot in common with them and that Baxter may be Porter’s long lost brother.

On Sunday, we ventured out to the Salton Sea. It’s a large saltwater lake in the middle of the desert. It was created by mistake when people in the early 1900s tried to create irrigation canals to increase water flow from the Colorado River to the agriculture fields of the Coachella Valley. Over the next two years, the basin filled up and created a large lake. The salinity of the lake continues to increase because they is no outlet for the water and evaporation continues to increase. The lake is actually kind of beautiful but the smell is awful. The beach is made up of crushed shells and fish bones. Porter enjoyed walking along the lake, but I didn’t let him get to close to the water.

Because we were finally leaving the RV Park on Tuesday, we had to clean up and pack on Monday afternoon. That meant another load of laundry, repacking the truck, and giving the Airstream a thorough scrub-down. Luna is actually going into the shop for a week to get a few repairs, so I had to be sure that stuff was not in the way for the repairs. This meant that the cleaning and packing took way longer than usual. Dan and Jenna stopped by for a beer and to say goodbye that evening. They will be staying at this RV park for awhile, but we hope to meet up with them again soon.

On Tuesday, we left at 6:15am and set off to Santa Barbara. About an hour down the road we stopped at the CabIMG_0083ezon Dinosaurs and recreated an epic scene from Peewee’s Big Adventure. It was a quick stop, but neat to see these huge dinosaur statues in the desert.

The only issue on the way to Santa Barbara was during a bathroom stop. I was driving (Jenna) and pulled over to the side of the road because the parking lot of the gas station was really small. But I pulled too close to a tree. When we tried to leave the spot, we were so close that driving away would have caused the awning to be completely torn off the shell. I called Good Sam Roadside Assistance and a tow truck was there in 45 minutes. We unhooked the Airstream, he attached a wench, and slid the Airstream away from the curb in about 10 minutes. It was remarkable! Thank you Best Car Towing of Los Angeles. And because we have roadside assistance, it was totally covered.

We dropped Luna off at HofArc and drove back into LA to drop off Porter. The traffic was awful. I know that’s not a surprise, but I had to say it again. Yuck! It was bad. The last task for the day was dropping Porter off with a couple we found on rover.com. He was whining when we left and I cried as I walked back to the truck. :( I know he will be fine, but it was so hard. We stayed with a friend that night, which was so helpful. Next stop, Maui! Aloha!