Travis and I have spent about five months on the road. Five months of campgrIMG_2663ounds and RV parks, meeting new people and seeing old friends, soaking up the sun and relaxiIMG_1106ng as much as we can. December was spent in Texas, Arizona took up most of January, and we got a couple of weeks in California before heading to Maui at the end of February. March included time in SoCal as well as Vegas, Colorado, and Montana (skiing in Big Sky). And April was split between California again and being home in Minnesota. It is now May and we can hardly believe time could go so fast.

We have learned a lot along the way. We learned that life is not all about stuff; it’s about experiences and the people you spend time with. We learned to slow down and take advantage of what you have around you. We learned that we love to travel and will never stop. But we have also struggled a lot being on the road full time. We have sunk a lot of money into our Airstream and got burned by the company we bought her from. We are continuing to struggle with time management and balancing work and play (Travis works full time and I am working part time and finishing my master’s degree). And it’s been difficult to be away from our family and friends.

IMG_1411Because of all of this, and more, we decided to sell our Airstream last month. I know, it’s crazy. But this whole trip has been crazy. We have loved it all but are ready for the next chapter. We will continue to travel and are so excited to work our way up the west coast over the next couple of months. Along with the sale of our Airstream, we sold our Chevrolet Silverado. The reason we bought the truck was to pull the Airstream, so it didn’t make much sense to keep it. We traded it in for a 2012 Prius V and couldn’t be happier. That thing gets 45 mpg! We haven’t named her yet, but we will soon.

We are very happy with our decision, even though we lost our Airstream ‘cred’. And we hope that we will still be able to meet up with some of  our Instagram followers this summer. As we make our way up the coast we will be staying in vacation rentals (Airbnb, VRBO). We will be ending our road trip earlier than initially planned because this way of travel is a bit more expensive. But we will be taking everything we learned from this trip and traveling a lot more on the weekends when we get back to Minnesota.

Our official plan is to continue up the west coast through California, Oregon, and Washington. Then cut over through Idaho and Montana, before returning to Minnesota. When we started this trip we didn’t have an end date. But after much thought, we feel like we need to be back in Minnesota for awhile.

This may seem like a quick decision, mainly because I haven’t been blogging about it, or anything else, for the last two months. But we have been thinking about it for months. The Airstream went up on Airstream Classifieds back in February and we sold the first week in April. A lot has happened since the last blog post (Porter got neutered, we met up with a few friends in LA, we got to go to a couple of sporting events, and we went home to Minnesota for a couple of weeks). I want to tell you everything, but I think I will stop here. Maybe there will be a flashback post in the future.

Travis, Porter, and I flew back to California yesterday and will be leaving SoCal in just a few hours. We have been in LA on and off for over two months. We could not thank our gracious host enough (Thanks Marc!).  Southern California has been ‘home’ for awhile and it will hold a special place in our hearts. But we are really excited for our next adventure, and to have more than just pictures of Porter to post on Instagram.


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